With great pride, we invite you to the Online Grand Opening of Grigsby Truck Company.  As many of you already know, Grigsby Truck Company is a new company dedicated to bringing back durability to the lives of the adventurous—those of us who are not content with status-quo.  Our main focus is overhauling, rebuilding and outfitting tough adventure-vehicles.  Soon we will have completed the two US Army Veteran M1078 LMTV’s we currently have in our shop for overhaul and outfitting.  Follow our progress with these trucks, other projects, and miscellany interests on our Instagram feed, and/or our native photo gallery.

Life—whether our professional pursuits, or our passion for exploration—is not a destination, it’s a journey; and so is durable equipment!  Durable Equipment does not mean buy, use, done.  Durable Equipment is a work-in-progress throughout its life—whether it be the fit/refit of ancillary equipment and accessories, reconfiguration, or maintenance.  People grow and learn, and one’s equipment should be a reflection of that growth and acquisition of knowledge.  At Grigsby Truck Co. we strive to offer adventure-vehicle equipment, parts and accessories that are high quality, useful, and dependable.  Please visit our Products Pages for some great gear to add to your adventure vehicle today.

We recognize that a durable vehicle is one part of an adventurer’s equipment needs; there are a lot of pieces of gear that make the journey into the wilderness and outlands more enjoyable or even possible.  For this reason, we offer many pieces of gear that will add value and usefulness to your adventure kit.  Just like the vehicle parts and accessories we offer, we strive for these gear items to be high quality, useful, and durable.  Have a look at the Gear we offer, and enhance your adventure kit today.

Now that we have our new website posted to the internet, we will be researching and developing new useful and durable products to offer you on a regular basis.  Please be sure to check in with us frequently for new product listings. If you have not already, subscribe to our Newsletter for periodic updates about our company, product offerings, events, vehicles, tips and advice, and much more…  Just enter your email address in the Join Newsletter field towards the bottom of our Homepage.  For access to past newsletter issues, and other interesting and useful posts, visit our Durable Life page.  Many of our friends and customers also follow us on Pinterest, join them by clicking the Follow button on our Pinterest Feed.

At Grigsby Truck Co. we place high value on our friend’s and customer’s feedback.  If you’d like to contact us for any reason, you can visit our Contact Us page and fill out the form; or just email us directly at the email address provided there.  If you wish to call us by phone, our phone number is provided on this page as well.  We are available for, and welcome phone calls during normal business hours.

We are very excited to bring you this communication!  Thank you very much for taking to time to read it, and follow our company!

Happy adventuring,

Walt & Lauren Grigsby