Announcing a new addition to the Grigsby Truck Company family of equipment.  The FMTV is an awesome platform for so many applications, which is why we were excited to have the opportunity to acquire the M1078 LMTV some of you may recognize as the Fuchsia Fox LMTV.  Michael and Yvonne Fuchs have done fantastic work rebuilding and modifying this truck to its current condition.  Grigsby Truck Company is continuing were Michael and Yvonne left off with this amazing truck!

Michael and Yvonne kept a detailed log of their work.  The Fuchs’ Expedition Truck Build Log can be viewed by clicking this link.

The big question—what utility will we fix to the back?  The answer is not yet defined, though it is currently looking like a fully fitted camper-van will grace the back of this truck.  Stay tuned to our newsletter, the vehicles page of our website, our blog—Durable Life, and/or our Instagram feed for updates. Full specs will be available on the vehicles page soon…

Happy adventuring,

Walt Grigsby

Grigsby Truck Co.