The Grigsby Truck Difference

The true art of reconditioning and modernizing trucks includes a touch of handmade elegance not found in modern manufacturing. Grigsby Truck Company is unique among others who offer similar services because we combine this art and vision with attention to detail that can only come from a background in meticulous aviation maintenance practices. We’ll help you preserve an incredible vehicle while adding just the right twist of modern performance, rugged luxury and impeccable craftsmanship.

Build Your Own

We can’t wait make your dream truck reality.  With your deposit and build sheet in hand, we’ll gladly add your project to the queue. Because each truck is built by hand, we can only estimate completion times, but will continually update you on the progress of

Custom Overhaul

We offer four levels of reconditioning services:

  • Basic Service 

  • Basic Service w/ Recommended Grigsby Truck Company Upgrades 

  • Premium Overhaul 

  • Custom


Estimates are variable and subject to change. Current wait time for shop work to begin is 2 months. All Grigsby Truck Company build specifications are executed using a Master Service Agreement (MSA) paired with Scopes of Work (SOWs) for each build phase, both of which must be signed off on to lock in any pricing.

We also have project trucks on site ready to be customized.

Project Trucks