Grigsby Truck Company is a Premier Outfitter of Surplus Military Trucks, Heavy Trucks, Off-Road Vehicles, Overlanders and Adventure Vans…

There’s beauty in every project we take on. Simply put, we love an opportunity to engineer durable and dependable solutions. This drives our enthusiasm—retrofitting incredible vehicles, so little stands in the way of exploring, trail-blazing, resourcing, and building. We’ve mastered the meticulous act of repurposing, reconditioning and upfitting unique vehicle platforms for new life and more journeys. And you better believe we put our hearts into every job, whether it’s for a large company, start-up business, non-profit organization, or individual enthusiast. Grigsby Truck Company has the experience, knowledge and passion necessary to help you build or upfit your adventure vehicle—keeping both on and off-highway performance in mind.

Grigsby Truck Company is a family-run business with unparalleled access to and knowledge of the equipment, parts and components necessary to accomplish ambitious truck and van overhauls and upfits. We are proud to serve a wide range of customers looking for just the right vehicle for personal or commercial use, including:

  • Overland Expeditions
  • Off-Grid Adventures
  • Nomadic Lifestyles
  • Tours/Safari
  • Mobile Food and Beverage Service
  • Collectors/Enthusiasts
  • Remote Area Construction/Logging
  • Landscaping/Arborists/Agriculture
  • Wildland Fire Fighting
  • County/Municipal Government
  • Disaster Relief
  • Government Agency Support Contractors
  • Oil/Gas/Mining Exploration
  • Hunting/Camping
  • And more

There’s almost no limit to the reimagined (and repurposed) vehicle! Let’s talk about how you imagine your next adventure vehicle experience and create a plan to make it reality.

Top Five Benefits of Repurposed Military-Grade Vehicles for Civilian Use

  1. An Overbuilt Chassis— able to tackle rough terrain, from mountains to desert, and everything in between.
  2. Military Standards—these vehicles are designed, engineered, tested and manufactured to the most demanding mil-spec standards. But since the military must continuously update their equipment, civilians benefits from its surplus equipment.
  3. Versatility—military trucks can easily be equipped with snow plows, hoses, hydraulic bucket loaders, conveyer belts, harvesting implements, access platforms and other auxiliary equipment.
  4. Ultra-Reliable Heavy Equipment Mechanics—Simple engine management and drive train controls also mean that servicing and most repairs can be done quickly and with simple tools.
  5. Durability—did we mention they’re among the most durable and lasting vehicles out there for tough jobs?

If you are interested in purchasing an FMTV from us, please write us in the contact form below. We have three M1078 A0 project trucks and one M1088 A0 project truck in queue for reconditioning. All trucks will receive the standard mechanical, electrical, chassis, pneumatic and hydraulic overhauls that we have identified as essential for renewed operational reliability for both on and off-road use. The first completed truck will be available for sale, early-summer 2022.

Essential Adventure Vehicle Upfits

  1. Suspension Upgrades— optimize your suspension setup around your vehicle’s total weight and load distribution for ultimate on and off-road vehicle performance, to increase comfort and stability, while maximizing the vehicle’s usable suspension travel. We work with Fox Factory shocks for all FMTV and adventure truck suspension upgrades and Agile Off-Road to provide our customers with best-in-class RIP Suspension Kits for adventure vans. Read more about Agile’s suspension beginnings HERE.
  2. Lithium Battery Systems Upgrades—upgrade from an AGM battery system to a lithium battery system to extend battery charge lifecycle. Fully integrated kit with smart battery tending and smart solar solutions.
  3. The patented SmartFloor & Smartleg Systems from RRE Global—because safety for the passengers should always be the highest priority with adventure van conversions. Originally developed as a mobility industry solution, and expanded to new areas such as van conversions, these innovative floor and seat systems with integrated L-Tracks, facilitate flexible interior design with on-demand-interchangeable seating and storage needs. Complies with ADA and FMVSS standards and is pull-tested to meet rigorous North American safety standards.
  4. SCA Sleeping Roof from RRE Global—The US safety tested SCA sleeping roofs turn everyday work-vehicles with standard high roofs, like the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, the Dodge Promaster and Ford Transit Van, into camping space-wonders. Create extra sleeping space without compromising the use of the vehicle. The included mattress is supported on flexible spring elements for maximum comfort. Make yourself cozy and enjoy the view from the 3 integrated windows.
  5. Lumicoin LED Lighting Systems—Premium quality, hand-made, full aluminum body, interior and exterior LED light fixtures made in Germany. Externally, each product has a robust yet perfect finish allowing it to blend seamlessly with the most luxurious environment. Internally, state of the art components guarantee reliability and longevity under the most demanding conditions.

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