Grigsby Truck Company is a Premier Outfitter of Surplus Military Trucks, Vintage Heavy Trucks, Off-Road Vehicles, Overlanders and More…

There’s beauty in every build we take on. Simply put, we live trucks. They drive our enthusiasm and are the embodiment of durability and dependability—incredible vehicles that let little stand in the way of exploring, trail-blazing, resourcing, and building. We’ve mastered the meticulous act of repurposing military-grade machines and classic trucks for new life and more journeys. And you better believe we put our hearts into every job, whether it’s for a large company, start-up business, non-profit organization, or individual enthusiast. Grigsby Truck Company has the experience, knowledge and passion necessary to help you find or build an overhauled-surplus vehicle—with performance in mind.

Grigsby Truck Company is a family-run business with unparalleled access to and knowledge of the equipment, parts and components necessary to accomplish even the most ambitious overhauls, builds and retrofit jobs. We are proud to serve a wide range of customers looking for just the right truck for personal or commercial use, including:

  • Overland Expeditions/Adventures
  • Tours/Safari
  • Mobile Food and Beverage Service
  • Collectors/Enthusiasts
  • Remote Area Construction/Logging
  • Landscaping/Arborists/Agriculture
  • Wildland Fire Fighting
  • County/Municipal Government
  • Disaster Relief
  • Paramilitary/Government Agency Support Contractors
  • Oil/Gas/Mining Exploration
  • Scholastic Organizations
  • Hunting/Camping
  • And more

There’s almost no limit to the reimagined (and repurposed) vehicle! If you have an idea, Grigsby Truck Company can build it for you. If you have a job to do but aren’t sure what type of machine will get it done, we’ll design it for you.

Let’s talk about how you imagine your next heavy, off-road vehicle experience and create a plan to make it reality.

Top Five Benefits of Repurposed Military-Grade Vehicles for Civilian Use

  1. Unlimited by topography and obstacles—thanks to an overbuilt chassis, they’re able to tackle rough terrain, from ice to mountains to sand, and everything in between
  2. Military standards—these vehicles are designed, engineered, tested and manufactured to the most demanding mil-spec standards. But since the military must continuously update their equipment, civilians benefits from its surplus equipment.
  3. Versatility—military trucks can easily be equipped with snow plows, hoses, hydraulic bucket loaders, conveyer belts, harvesting implements, access platforms and other auxiliary equipment.
  4. Ultra-Reliable Mechanics—no data-processors mean that these trucks are not subject to break-downs caused by small electronic errors. Simple engine management and drive train controls also mean that repairs can be done quickly and with simple tools.
  5. Durability—did we mention they’re among the most durable and lasting vehicles out there for tough jobs, and of course, heart-pounding adventure?

If you are interested in purchasing an FMTV we encourage you to check out our inventory.