Custom Build

From Concept to Reality—We Take Care of You Every Step of the Way

From the moment you share your vision until delivery day and beyond, we are dedicated to creating an incredible vehicle that will accomplish your goals and stand the test of time. All Grigsby Truck Company technicians are personally trained by Walt Grigsby to meet the company’s high standard of quality. Our rigorous recondition process brings old vehicles to like-new condition at a fraction of the cost of a new truck of equal caliber. We source genuine parts and components such as Caterpillar®, Allison®, Meritor®, Goodyear®, Parker®, PowerPacker®, Raycor®, Eaton®, Spicer®, PakBrake®, Donaldson®, Haldex®, AirDog Diesel Fuel Systems ®, Sheel-mann®, NOCO® and more.

Concept Development

It all begins with an idea.  At Grigsby Truck Company, we take a collaborative approach to every project. Your involvement is key and we can’t wait to learn about how you’ll be using your new truck. Whether it’s for personal adventures or commercial projects, we will develop the plans necessary to bring your vehicle to life.



We perform a 340-point mechanical, electrical, and chassis (MECO) inspection on every vehicle to ensure optimal performance. We take time to match the preservation requirements of the vehicle with the client intentions for the project.

Disassembly and Paint Removal

Per project scope, unnecessary cab and chassis components are removed before any bodywork or fabrication begins. Our paint removal process can involve chemical, mechanical and blasted media techniques, and initial chassis and cab media blast paint removal is done before further disassembly, allowing us to anticipate major body work challenges before the vehicle is stripped down and inoperable. Vehicles are etch primed to protect the bare steel. Where possible, component removal is a “one touch” process with cleaning and reconditioning happening during removal. All disassembled components are labeled and stored systematically until reassembly, setting the foundation for a timely overhaul.

Fabrication and Bodywork

Your truck truly begins to take shape here! Our master builders work their magic on the chassis and cab to cut, patch, weld, shape and align to bring new life into the truck. Bringing a vehicle down to it’s raw form provides the clearest picture of projected project cost. There are corrosion and rust repairs, panel form corrections, possible cab, suspension and chassis modifications, and fitting of doors, hatches, glass, storage systems, accessories and trim components.


Maintenance is critical to the lifespan of an engine regardless of a particular powerplant’s durability and dependability. The engine and transmission systems are thoroughly examined—we check for leaks, debris, rub points, vibration issues, proper heat dissipation and corrosion. Once we understand the base performance of the powerplant, fuel system, transmission, and drivetrain, we can quickly identify any weaknesses, order appropriate parts and components, and begin disassembly and reconditioning processes along the powertrain. Parts are cleaned and inspected, and you will know exactly what parts or components we are replacing, re-engineering or refurbishing. Gaskets and filters are replaced upon reassembly and fluid flushes performed multiple times through various systems, especially critical components such as the coolant and exhaust systems which are very often subjected to abuse.

Whether preserving a stock fuel system or modifying fuel systems for extended fuel range and efficiency, we ensure that your vehicle functions with optimal performance for both storage and supply of fuel to the powerplant.

The remaining drivetrain components are addressed alongside chassis systems. Driveshafts are balanced, aligned and lubricated. Any aging, failing or outdated components will be disassembled and cleaned, associated parts replaced or reconditioned, and all assemblies tested again once reinstalled. When designing your purpose-built vehicle, we plan for optimal gear ratio to best fit the intended application. This can include an optional gear ratio upgrade, an optional differential locking system, and tire choice to best fit the drivetrain configuration.


Paintwork is only as good as the preparation of the vehicle’s body! Our process follows strict quality control procedures which are essential to the life of the paint and the vehicle itself. After proper pre-paint actions of sanding, cleaning, etching, and masking, any ceramic thermal coatings, and sound/vibration coatings are applied where appropriate. This is followed by two epoxy primer coats applied to the inner cab, exterior cab, and chassis. After final rough fitting of trim and accessories, a truck is finished with your choice of final color coat and finish effect.

Chassis Systems

Chassis designates the complete truck minus the cab—powertrain, steering, braking, pneumatic, hydraulic, electronic and electrical, and suspension systems all attached or suspended from the structural automotive frame.

The frame is designed to minimize vehicle weight while maximizing 1) rigidity for absorbing vibration, shock and impact and 2) flexibility to tolerate torsional stresses during operation. Tolerances are set by engineers to fit an intended disposition and repurposing a vintage truck might require re-engineering from set tolerances. Modifications to weight baring or towing systems will alter where a frame experiences stressors (tension, compression, torsion, bending and shear), so we collaborate with engineers and component experts for any redesign of critical suspension and frame systems.

Our team takes the time to overhaul brake, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems. This includes: replacing worn hoses, valves and fittings; replacing, rebuilding or upgrading stock components on pneumatic control units (PCUs), central tire inflation systems (CTIS), cab lift power unit pumps, and evaporator-heater assemblies. And because brakes are nothing less than critical, we make all the necessary repairs and replacements on brake shoes, drums, chambers, plungers, spiders and fittings.

Dependent on client needs, we will service existing electronic components and modify or add modern electronic components for functions like measuring vehicle performance, electronic-hydraulic systems, safety/convenience, entertainment, communication and navigation.

For lighting system improvement, we recommended starting with new, modern components to maximize energy efficiency and lumens output. Within that decision, modernizations can range from basic stock component replacements to add-on of lighting systems for safety and convenience.


To maximize your driving experience, we take form and function to the next level. From controls to cushions, there is a balance between accommodating client style and purpose and maintaining robust simplicity. We work to exceed your expectations for comfort, control and performance.


Assembly is conducted in a near-obsessive manner —with quality control checks every step along the way.  You’ll be glad to know that Owner, Walt Grigsby overseas the entire process—after all it’s his family name on the line.

System Tests and Delivery

We perform testing on mechanical, electrical and chassis systems before the vehicle leaves our shop. Only after this vigorous testing and a thumbs-up by our quality control team will we be ready to present your truck to you. We want you to be thrilled by our work, but even more than that, we want you to be confident that your new truck can take on anything. To help you maximize your investment, we take the time to introduce every aspect of the vehicle and review its features in detail with you. We cover maintenance procedures, provide equipment and accessory training, and send you on your way with a customized maintenance program to follow. When you hit the open road, every truck is backed by our one-year limited warranty, and know that the professionals at Grigsby Truck Company are always available to assist you if you have questions, require upgrades or need service in the future!

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