scheel-mann Orthopedic Seat, Vario F Edition


scheel-mann orthopedic seats

The F model seat has side bolsters in the lower seat that–which are smaller to allow for easier ingress/egress in taller vehicles; 10-way adjustability for a perfect ergonomic fit.   Feel planted, without feeling pinched.

This configuration comes equiped with seat heating assembly and map pouch on seat back.

Available in Black, Brown, and Grey.  See Description tab below for material and color information…

scheel-mann Vario F

Black Cloth:  Center cushions are LR02 black checkerboard cloth, with black leatherette side bolsters.

Grey Cloth:  Center cushions are S242 grey checkerboard cloth, with S211 grey leatherette side bolsters.

Brown Cloth:  Center cushions are S158, with S342 brown leatherette bolsters and tan accent stitching.

Armrests are available in Standard and Narrow.  Narrow option allows for an arm rest on the door-side of the seat in FMTV cabs, but may compromise the ability to fully extend the bolsters. The Standard option armrest allows enough room to fully adjust the seat, but will not fit on the door-side in an FMTV cab.

FMTV Seat Installation Kit:   Includes seat mount base, sliding bars, mounting brackets, and required hardware.

The lower cushion is infinitely adjustable in/out, which allows occupants with the shortest of thighs, as well as those with the longest of thighs to find a suitable adjustment.

The upper bolsters that support the sides of the torso are also adjustable in/out, so that the fit can be perfected in the upper body.

Each Vario is equipped with a unique 4-way lumbar support. The support can be adjusted in both intensity, as well as fine tuned to the vertical height of the support.

The backrest incorporates a release mechanism, which releases the seat-back, allowing it to to hinge forward for accessing the space behind the seat.

Weight 68 lbs
Seat Option

Vario F: Black Cloth, Vario F: Brown Cloth, Vario F: Grey Cloth

Left Arm Rest ($159 each)

None, Left Side Standard, Left Side Narrow

Right Arm Rest ($159 each)

None, Right Side Standard, Right Side Narrow

Seat Installation Kit ($320 each)

Yes, No


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