In this issue of Durable Life, the Grigsby Truck Company Newsletter, we will be discussing an area of operations that weighs heavily on overall performance of a product providing organization—logistics.  Shipping and receiving are mainstays of industry, and our line of product comes with logistical considerations a bit larger than the usual.  Whether delivering a completed truck to a customer, receiving new equipment for builds, or transporting customer rigs for modifications in or out, we demand that the carrier be responsible, experienced, friendly, and diligent.  For these reasons we partner with Tumalo Transport LLC for transportation of equipment in the Northwest.  For loads moved by Tumalo Transport, we never have to wonder where the load is, is it moving or idle, when will it deliver?…  Having a direct line of communication with the operator is an enormously valuable feature in the logistics department.

Owner (and one of the operators) of Tumalo Transport, Matt Phelps, is a second generation heavy-haul and transportation industry professional.  Tumalo Transport is a family owned and operated business, and is not just a trucking company—every driver has diverse experience with hauling equipment of all classes, especially heavy equipment.  Matt also has an extensive background in heavy equipment recovery, which adds a unique skillset to his company’s services.

Equipment and Unique Service

With their 500 HP Cummins powered Freightliner, they can haul loads up to 55,000 lbs.

A tilt-deck traveling-axle Traileze trailer with winch provides the ability to easily load large equipment that does not, for whatever reason, operate under its own power.  This trailer is very diverse in its load capabilities; offering many configurations of wheeled, tracked and other equipment/goods.

If you have ever tried to move by freight an M1079 (LMTV with mounted van), expedition vehicle on 46-inch-tires-or-larger with mounted full height habitation box, or any other equipment over 12 feet high, you will know firsthand how difficult and expensive this can be.  This is due to the maximum unpermitted over-highway height of 14 feet.  Tumalo Transport has a solution for this issue in the form of their unique Aspen RGN (removable goose-neck) with 30-foot-well and 6 inch cut-outs for wheeled-equipment.  This trailer can haul wheeled-equipment up to 30 feet in length that would be over the legal height on any other Low-boy/RGN trailer without the cut-outs for wheels.  This translates to substantial cost savings for the transportation.

Grigsby Truck Company is proud to be partnered with Tumalo Transport for transportation of our assets and customer rigs to and from origins/destinations in the Northwest.  If you need transportation of equipment outside of Grigsby Truck Company, contact Tumalo Transport directly for fair rates, and responsible transportation service:

Matt Phelps


Tumalo Transport LLC


Instagram:  @tumalotransport